Self portrait

Ink wash with coloured and conte pencil – 60 x 39cm

Actually a quick drawing but badly photographed as the paper kept ‘dishing’ and hence the curved non-parallel lines of window and table.

Lockdown self-portraits – 06

Coloured pencil on paper – 30 x 42cm

The trouble with attempts at self-portraits is that I am always concentrating hard on making the images rather than on my modelling. This tension I’m beginning to now unflatteringly capture in my images. If only I could learn to relax and smile as I pose!

Self portraits – RDS

Pencil on paper – 60 x 94cm

From the Royal Drawing School course last autumn I failed to upload much of my work. It was called ‘Transforming Observation: Dreaming, Memory and Imagination’ and was as always excellent. Above and below are some of the ‘self drawings’ that got caught in our investigations.

Charcoal, graphite and coloured pencil on paper – 64 x 135cm
Ink and wash on paper – 60 x 94cm
Pencil on paper – 60 x 94cm
Charcoal on paper – 60 x 94cm
Ink wash on paper – 94 x 2400cm
Ink wash on paper 60 x 94cm

Lockdown self-portraits 04

This took a useful while to draw and suggests other ways of working from home from old sketch books and life drawings. The architect in me spent too much time worrying about planes of wall and floor shadows and not enough time on the seated figure which is loosely based on me.

Obviously I could not ‘pose’ the picture or draw it from life. Instead it is composed from other sketches which are grouped below: