Twins – RDS

Charcoal on paper – 60 x 94cm

One of our tutors at the Royal Drawing School, Constanza, brought two twin models to our class who were also her sisters. Below is some of the work from a productive day trying to capture sibling intimacy.

Charcoal on paper – 94 x 60cm
Pencil on paper – 94 x 60cm
Charcoal on paper – 94 x 60cm
Pencil on paper – 94 x 60cm
Charcoal on paper – 94 x 60cm
Pencil on paper – 94 x 60cm

Lockdown nude – 01

Ink wash, graphite and coloured pencil on paper – 56 x 80cm

A further experiment at woking with ink washes and coloured pencil. Obviously there is no model and this is based on a previous life drawing sketch from Tottenham Art Classes transposed surreally to our living room.

This way of working still has some way to go as I realise the inadequacies of the earlier sketches and working on our dining table as opposed to an upright easel. This makes problems with the lack of foreshortening of the figure – the legs and the sofa are too big and extended.

The drawing weirdly reminds me of naff populist poster art from the 1980’s which is not where I was trying to go with this image!

Lockdown self-portraits 04

This took a useful while to draw and suggests other ways of working from home from old sketch books and life drawings. The architect in me spent too much time worrying about planes of wall and floor shadows and not enough time on the seated figure which is loosely based on me.

Obviously I could not ‘pose’ the picture or draw it from life. Instead it is composed from other sketches which are grouped below:

Life drawing update

Since last autumn I have been busy with increased working hours at NUA where I teach Architecture. The work and students are inspiring but have sucked away a lot of my creative energy from continuing to make art. However, I did attend another excellent course at the Royal Drawing School and found another evening life drawing class at Shine in Wood Green, London.

All life drawing classes have now closed. Teaching at NUA is now only online. It should mean there is more time to get back to making art, hence the post below on the postcards, which surprisingly have been keeping me occupied.

I will start to regularly post here. Please see our contribution to the neighbourly rainbows of South Tottenham, London!