Summer School: Life Painting

Vanessa, acrylic on canvas – 61 x 76cm (day 4 & 5)

I’ve just concluded a week’s painting at the Royal Drawing School. It was another excellent course tutored by Andy Pankhurst introducing me to colour theory, temperatures and tone, subjects I vaguely knew about but had never learnt how to apply or understand.

The challenge was to paint a single pose in three days after two preparatory days with other life models to explore figure drawing and painting. It was hard but very rewarding. I learnt about Jean Antoine Wattau, a 17th century French artist, the power of Phthalo Blue pigment and the wonderful work of Euan Unglow, a 20th century British painter.

Below is some of my preparatory work which shows my development during the intensive five days.

Acrylic sketch on canvas paper – 40 x 73cm (day 3)
Acrylic sketch on canvas paper – 40 x 51cm (day 3)
Acrylic sketch on canvas paper – 80 x 51cm (day 3)
Adrian, acrylic sketch on canvas paper – 40 x 51cm (day 2)
Conte pencil on paper – 59 x 83cm (day 1)
Charcoal on paper – 64 x 90cm (day 1)