Life drawing update

Since last autumn I have been busy with increased working hours at NUA where I teach Architecture. The work and students are inspiring but have sucked away a lot of my creative energy from continuing to make art. However, I did attend another excellent course at the Royal Drawing School and found another evening life drawing class at Shine in Wood Green, London.

All life drawing classes have now closed. Teaching at NUA is now only online. It should mean there is more time to get back to making art, hence the post below on the postcards, which surprisingly have been keeping me occupied.

I will start to regularly post here. Please see our contribution to the neighbourly rainbows of South Tottenham, London!


  1. jenniferjefferies2678 · March 31, 2020

    Rainbow —magnificent —-life moves on —note hydrangeas beneath
    Folds in card are ,for me ,a new dimension —


  2. Jaideep · March 31, 2020

    The ink wash is very good. I forget who the model was. Unfortunately Ruth won’t be able to see this. She’s stuck in her boat for now I think.

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