Juggler poses

Ink on paper, 63 x 90cm

This piece didn’t go down well in the RDS class. To be honest I didn’t like it either because it failed to do what I was attempting which was not to fall back on to old drawing and painting habits. Orlando described it correctly and dismissively as ‘a water colour’. I knew what he meant. He was striving for us all to investigate our drawing processes more vigorously and in that, here, I entirely failed.

Others in the class seem to be breaking free and I will try to follow them. It is really hard to ‘become untethered’, as Orlando describes, but I’ve a life drawing class at Tottenham Art Classes this evening and will have another go with a different model and setting.

Big drawings

Ink on paper, 5no 90 x 63cm

This week’s class with Orlando at RDS was again very challenging. Our model was a circus juggler who we attempted to draw whilst performing.

Orlando’s commentaries and engagement with our work was fantastic. He is endlessly quotable and makes references to artists, paintings and schools of art all the time. My favourite from this week, to describe how a flagging drawing might be revived in the last minutes of a pose, was:

‘to gather all our drawing attempts into one big arpeggio, a final gesture to mark and rework the page’.

This is actually really helpful. Loved it!