Collaborative drawing

Charcoal on paper, 63 x 90cm

We spent much of last Wednesday’s class at RDS using our non-drawing hand for mark making and swapping our work from 20 minute model poses with others. The above is a joint effort from myself and Veronica using our good hands.

It really provokes a different way of working and thinking when trying to interpret another’s drawing. For me using someone else’s work felt like using a road map where some of the picture’s journey had been outlined and I was adding to it by helping give direction. A kind of filling-in or fleshing out of another’s work. It also showed how others observe shapes and form and how technically they work, challenging you immediately to look more closely and differently and to adjust the ways you’d usually draw.

One comment

  1. jenniferjefferies2678 · February 9, 2019

    This is for me ,a difficult concept .However I do remember trying to draw a ‘sausage dog ‘without looking at the paper .
    The result was both surprising and pleasing !


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