The ride up to Hull from Peasenhall was good. The cargo bike worked well to carry my painting and camping gear and to get around Hull on the couple of days I was there.

The campsites were invariably occupied by big cars, caravans, camper homes and lean-to walk in tents. There were no other cyclists or walkers travelling light. Often I was given unasked for advice about my route or the state of the traffic but always from the perspective of a driver. I began to feel a certain dislocation as I realised these other campers knew nothing of the way I was travelling. I would watch many of them sitting inside their camper van boxes with the glow of a television on, wondering why they might want to do this, shutting themselves off from the sky and land around them?

The above vehicle combination was driven and occupied by a single man. He sat inside the small caravan all evening. The windows had curtains, just like any suburban home, which he proceeded to close when he put on the lights, shutting out the coming evening stars and fresh air.


  1. James Denner · July 10, 2019

    Suspect you were not the only one suffering from dislocation…


  2. jenniferjefferies2678 · July 10, 2019

    I agree 100% with your comments about fellow campers ;sadly its not just at sites ;
    so many people cannot be away from sound, sport. and TV—its part of the holiday !.
    My friends don’t understand why I love the peace of the early morning ; that a walk on a little used foot
    pathway with a picnic is for me a treat ; at the end of the day if out of London to see the stars
    and smell the night air .


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