Ink wash with graphite and coloured pencil on paper – 56 x 77cm

Since the exhibition ‘Lockdowns & Landscapes’ at Hornsey Library in Dec 2021 I have been busy elsewhere. It is only just recently that I have been able to return more fully to my art practice with the above private commission of Breckland in East Anglia. The work is almost finished. I will put it to one side and wait a little before a final review and completion. The picture will need to be properly lit and photographed.

The summer of 2022 has been odd – waiting for some legal issues to be resolved regarding a property before being able to travel out to Malaysia and Indonesia. I’d hoped to be productive with drawings and watercolours but this didn’t quite transpire apart from the weekly Tottenham Art Class life drawing sessions at the Beehive Pub. The classes kept me going with interesting models and the company of the other artists at the sessions.

Autumn 2022 approaches and now that I have a little more time, outside of my architectural tutoring, I intend to be more busy and productive with art making, and to post more regularly here. More to follow very shortly!

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  1. jenniferjefferies2678 · October 2

    I have failed to send the comment I originally wrote —-Wordpress defeated me ! It was so good to open Art from a Bicycle again Breckland tells me so much about this comparatively remote part of EnglandAcres of open empty sky —but no ,not empty but filled with subtle colour and a horizon of treesthen the eye travels down to the intricate detail of the plants below Inspirational



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