December dawn

Lino print on paper, 41 x 29.7cm

My messy printing needs to get sharper. The idea for this image came from watching the winter sunrise from the train as I headed northward to teach in Norwich.

Winter printing is always good. The mechanical work of cutting and printing by hand in the dark afternoons, when the daylight has gone, always encourages new ways of image making.

Live reptile drawing class

Pinup at RDS

Today’s class consisted of four life drawing sessions with a corn snake, chameleon, white python and bearded lizard. We’d been warned of this reptile invasion and despite my initial lack of enthusiasm I was entranced by these beautiful and gentle animals.

I’d have never thought of describing a snake as ‘cute’ but they were. Strong too and inquisitive both of us and the studio space they found themselves in.

Charcoal on grey paper, 29 x 45cm

Chestnut Park

Ink on paper, 41 x 29.7cm

This is so garishly bad I quite like it. The colours could not be further from my intentions. I’ve tried so many times to capture the park’s field of space and every time fail. Here I do so again. Next time.

Memory drawing

Charcoal on paper, 90 x 63cm

One of the drawing exercises this week at RDS was to study a figure for 5 minutes before making a drawing from memory. We were allowed to make notes and very quick sketches in this preparatory period but were then left to make a large drawing.

Theo, our canine model, was fantastic. It was strange how easy it was to capture the likeness of a pet but so hard with a human figure. It revealed how we are so plagued by preconceptions of human form that they get in the way of making good drawings.